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Aviberry API - Getting Started

Aviberry is designed to be easily integrated with online services or content management systems. You can power your app or website with our video conversion capabilities.

The same API is used for integration with Cloud Online Video Converter and Aviberry Video Server. Minor differences are described in methods documentation

Aviberry API calls can be executed by requests via HTTP GET and POST methods.

Base URL:


  • api_key и api_pass - API access credentials for your account. It can be regenerated on account page at any time.
  • api_server - Aviberry server for receiving requests. It is by default. If you use your own server you will need to put its address here.
  • version - API version (ex.: "v1.1.1"). It's recommended to always use the latest stable version.
  • protocol - used data-interchange protocol: "json" or "xml".
  • method - method name.
  • param и value - name and value of parameter passed to a method. In API calls using GET methods all the parameter values should be coded according to standard.

For "json" protocol, the post body should be a JSON object, containing the method name and parameters, and for "xml" protocol the post body should be an XML-RPC request. JSON-RPC protocol support up to 2.0 inclusive

According to the protocol used for making a call, server will choose the response format.

All transfered string data should be UTF-8 encoded unless otherwise specified.

You can use external libraries for Aviberry API calls. For example:

API versions

  • API 1.0 - is not supported any more
  • API 1.1 - Release Date: March, 2011
  • API 1.1.1 - Release Date: November, 2011. Based on API 1.1, with minor changes to work with super-tasks. Recommended version.


  1. API 1.1 and API 1.1.1
    1. API Methods
    2. Conversion statuses
    3. Formats and presets
    4. Additional Features
    5. Transformations
    6. About encodings
    7. Error messages
    8. API Sample Scripts
  2. API 1.0 - is not supported any more

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